Decisions, decisions…

So, if you’re reading THIS line, hopefully you know the main character in Fighting For Valor. It’s Ripper. Until the last chapter of By Lethal Force, everyone thought he was dead. Me…I’ve known for a while. But the rest of the world, including Ryker, Dax, and heck, even Ripper himself, were in the dark.

Now, here’s the problem. In Romance, the expectation is that the hero and heroine will meet before…say…page 100. Ripper’s story requires a lot of background. I’ve written it all. How he disappeared from Hell. Where he went next. How he became Isaad.

I could include all of those chapters in Fighting For Valor. But, after all that information, which, by the way, also has point-of-view scenes from Ryker and Dax, I still need to get Ripper out of where he is now. Which is another 4-5 chapters. Then, and only then, can he meet the heroine and can their story begin.

I have a couple of options. But these options are kind of at odds with one another. One option is likely to be better for my sales. Another option is likely better for the fans who’ve been with me and these characters for the entire series. And yet a third option sounds like the best of both worlds, but might end up being too complicated.

I could include all of this information and have a very long book. Probably close to 425 pages or more. Or I could put all of that backstory into a separate book file. I’d put it up on BookFunnel FOR FREE and put a link to all those bonus scenes at the beginning of Fighting For Valor. That way, all readers would know that they could go get that backstory file and read it FIRST. Lastly, I could just make all of those backstory scenes for folks who make it to my website, reader group, or on my newsletter only.

So…help me decide? Vote for your preference.

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