How do you recover from the death of your mate?


Liam doesn’t care that he’s failing his pack. Seeing his alpha find love reminds Liam of the one he lost. The woman he failed to protect long ago. Caitlin.

On the one night a year he can’t make himself forget, a drunken tryst ends with Caitlin in his arms. Except she has only fractured memories of him and their life together. 

The pack must band together when a new threat crashes down on them, and only Liam and Caitlin can stop her dark past from unraveling into chaos and death. Will the tenuous threads of their bond snap under pressure? Or does love conquer all?

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Join me in a world where shifters are real, magic is all around you, and the love of one's mate is unstoppable. You'll find bonus scenes, sneak peeks, and have adventures with new friends—all within the pages of a book. 

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