I can’t escape my past. West wants to be my future.

When West, a former SEAL and my online gaming buddy, begged me to meet him IRL (in real life), one word, one touch, one look sent me fleeing like a coward. Back to my keyboard, online gaming, and the deadline that could make or break my whole programming career. Back where I’m safe. Problem is, West followed.


Forced back into a world I’d rather forget, Cam’s the one thing I’m afraid to lose.

My civilian life looks great. On paper. But my business is tanking, and I can’t sleep more than a few hours before I jolt awake. Screaming. Shaking. Alone. Out of options, I accept a mission I might not come back from. But when I need Cam most, fear sends her running. If I survive, can I convince Cam love is worth the risk?

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