On His Six Cover Reveal

Patricia D. Eddy reveals the cover for her latest military romance, On His Six. The story of a scarred and broken man and a woman who made a promise she simply can’t break, On His Six will be released on October 9, 2018.

On His Six

Am I a good man? A monster? A hero?
Maybe I’m nothing. Maybe the biggest piece of me died the day I decided to live.
To escape.
I gave up on redemption.
Until I found her. A light in all my darkness.
My little bird.
I don’t want to love her.
But maybe I have no choice.
One look, one touch, one taste, and I’m gone.
Lost in her light.
I’m broken in all the wrong places.
Wren sees my flaws and calls them beautiful.
Is that it?
In the end…are we all beautifully broken?



The elevator doors snick open, and I pull out my phone as I shoulder my way through a small crowd milling around the building’s information desk. The device clatters to the ground as something slams into me, and I see only red curls and a heart-shaped face with big, pale green eyes.

“This is becoming a habit.” I’m done with Boston—and with this day—and a rough edge creeps into my tone. But I steady her with an arm around her waist. “Are you all right?”

“Wh-what…are y-you…doing?” Honeysuckle twists out of my grasp, her hands balled into fists at her sides.

“Just making sure you’re not going down.” I bend to scoop up my phone, taking a quick glance at the screen to verify it’s still intact. When I return my gaze to her, she’s backing away warily, glancing at the revolving door to the street like it’s a fucking lifeline.

“Hey. It’s okay. I’m not following you. Stalking you. Whatever. I was just leaving.”

Her brow scrunches, and as she processes my words, those eyes darken with streaks of amber. “Get over yourself.” She shakes her head, bringing another whiff of her sweet scent to my nose. “Men. Not everything’s about you.”

Shock steals my continued apology, and instead, I frown. “Then what’s got you so worked up that you run into me twice in fifteen minutes? Because where I’m from, we watch where we’re going.”

“You seriously expect me to tell you?” A little feminine snort wrinkles her nose. “It’s none of your business, jerk.” She starts to stalk towards the elevator, but then turns back to me. “Wait. You’re not…like…a new client, are you? Second Sight?”

“No,” I say bitterly. “Look at me, sweetheart. Do I look like I need help? I fix problems for other people. Even if I was searching for someone to fix my problems, Dax wouldn’t give me the time of day. Not anymore.” She flinches, and I’ve hit a nerve with something. Dax, probably. “I take it you know the guy?”

“He’s…my boss.”

“Lucky you. I used to be his boss. He was a lot nicer back then.” I run a hand over my bald head. “Sorry. I shouldn’t…I don’t know him at all these days. He’s probably the boss of the year.”

She takes a step forward, those eyes no longer wary, but curious, and I can’t look away. “You…fix problems?”

“Yeah. Sometimes.” Studying her, I notice the dark circles and swollen lids. The tiny lines of strain and exhaustion around her mouth. She wears no make-up, and she toys with a green pendant hanging low between her breasts. Short, unpainted nails. No rings. Just a single purple and green beaded bracelet around a slender wrist. “You have a problem?”

A single nod, and she takes another step closer. “I…I’m Wren. Wren Kane.”

“Ryker McCabe.” I offer a hand, and her cool fingers curl around mine. “You want to get a cup of coffee and tell me about your problem, Wren?”

At her nod, I gesture towards the lobby door. “Pretty sure I saw a shop on the corner. They any good?”

“Passable. And quiet.” Wren pulls her jacket tighter around her shoulders and meets my gaze. Uncertainty swims in her eyes, and her chest stutters as her respiration rate hitches up.

“I won’t force you, sweetheart. You can change your mind.”

There’s that term again. Sweetheart. Why can’t I stop with it?

With a shake of her head, she looks at the revolving door. “I promised him. And I can’t…it’s the last thing he ever asked. Dax won’t help me. You shouldn’t either. But—”

“Dax won’t help?” I snort. “Then I’m in. Come on, Wren Kane. Coffee’s on me.”

About the Author

Patricia D. Eddy is the bestselling author of sixteen military, contemporary, erotic, and paranormal romance novels. She writes beautifully broken characters who are, according to one reviewer, “all painted with Technicolor threads” and “as real and authentic as anyone you’ll ever meet.” Happy-ever-afters guaranteed, though occasionally her characters need to work pretty darn hard to get there.

When Patricia isn’t writing, she and her husband are the human minions of three cats. Patricia lives in Seattle, Washington, where it doesn’t rain anywhere near as much as people thing. But shhh. That’s a secret. You can find all of Patricia’s books here.

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