Custom Display Shelves

The samples for the signing shelves came, and I took a bunch of photos with my books so you can see what they look like before we finalize the order.

With both a straight unit and a corner unit and the black coated wire easels, you can display UP TO 17 books total. Obviously, the books on the corner unit are a little less visible this way, but this is just one possible configuration.

A corner unit by itself nets you space for up to 9 books.

Now, here’s where things get a little complicated with respect to how many books you can fit on the straight units. The number depends on the type of book stands you use.

I switched from the coated metal book stands to these acrylic book stands. They’re light, and (in my opinion) are easier to transport than the coated metal book stands. But they give one other distinct advantage.

If you use the acrylic stands, you can have 4 books per shelf on the straight units for a total of 12 books. If you use the coated metal stands, you can only fit 3 books per shelf UNLESS you stagger the books on the shelf. Even then, it’s a bit of a tight fit.

First, here’s what it looks like with the acrylic stands on the bottom shelf.

And here’s what a shelf looks like with the coated metal stands staggered.

And finally, here’s a picture that helps explain why the coated metal stands won’t support 4 books across. They are wider stands than the acrylic, and you can’t move them far enough to the edges. They just…fall off. 🙂

So, other stats you might want to know before we finalize the order.

  • The corner unit, when disassembled into a flat pack, needs 22” x 17” in your suitcase, and weighs 1 lb 12 oz.
  • The straight unit, when disassembled into a flat pack, needs 20” x 17” in your suitcase, and weighs 2 lbs 1 oz.

    (Both of those measurements are slightly inflated to account for bubble wrap and/or cardboard as padding.)

Next steps

We have a couple of questions out to the manufacturer right now, including how long it’ll take for him to actually produce and ship the number of units we’ve requested. Once we know that and he gives us a final price, we’ll send one more round of confirmation emails. So, based on these photos, if you’d like to change the number of units or type of unit(s) in your order, you’ll have one last chance to do so before we place the final order.

We’re getting close now! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or John!

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  1. thanks for taking the initiative on this project! I’ve been looking for something light for travel and this seems perfect!

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