Away From Keyboard Volume 1

Series: Boxed Sets #1

These warriors sacrificed body, heart, and soul for their country. Now they fight just as fiercely for love. Lose your heart to Patricia D. Eddy’s compelling characters in books 1-3 of her bestselling Away From Keyboard series. This volume contains over 8,000 words of bonus content!

Breaking His Code
Disabled while defusing a bomb, Camilla debugs code by day and games online at night against “Westwind”, a retired SEAL. But now he wants to meet. She’s weak enough to say yes, but her guard is up.

One meeting with Cam, and West is on fire for more—but she’s retreating behind her keyboard. He’s willing to lay it all on the line to show her their broken pieces were meant to fit together. If he survives his next mission…

In Her Sights
Forced into medical retirement, Royce codes apps and avoids the world. Until his friends set him up. He’s not looking for love, but Inara makes him want to live a little dangerously.

Struggling to get past a mission gone horrifically wrong, Inara can’t deny the spark with Royce that quickly flares into an inferno. But when her past catches up with her, it’s a stark reminder that if she falls, she won’t be the only one going down.

On His Six
Ryker’s mistake nearly got his entire team killed. Now he’s in Boston to make amends, but encounters a fiery redhead with a mouth made for sass, the heart of a fighter, and a potentially deadly problem.

Inked and scarred, Ryker is Wren’s last hope to prove her brother was murdered. Danger throws gas on the sparks between them, but Russian drug lords don’t take betrayal lightly. And to bring down this monster, Ry will have to unleash his own.

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