By the Fates Series: Books 1-4

Series: Boxed Sets #2

Can love’s spell banish the darkest evil?
Trapped. Held prisoner by an ancient prophecy, a witch prays for death, for some escape from her life of endless torture.
Until one touch from her true mate gives her hope.
But can a witch without magic really save the world?

Can two damaged souls heal one another?
When all hope fades, can a man thought long dead find the key to saving the world?
Join witches, devils, and humans on this epic adventure through all four books of the By the Fates series. Stay up all night with over 1000 pages full of magic, fated mates, passion, and a thrilling final battle that will leave you breathless.

Warning: The first few chapters of By the Fates, Freed include graphic scenes of physical and sexual torture. They are intended to be difficult to read and should not be read by sensitive readers.

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