Call Sign: Redemption

Series: Away From Keyboard #7

re·demp·tion: the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil

Trevor Moana can’t escape the sins of his past. His kills as a CIA assassin haunt his dreams.

Working for Second Sight helps him atone, sometimes even forget. Until Dani Monroe walks through his door.

The one person he’s hurt the most needs his help.

In Caracas, Venezuela, one shot changed four lives. And going back there could end him.

Dani hates needing Trevor’s help. After what he did to her family? She’d just as soon never see him again.

But when she finds the story of a lifetime—and much needed answers about where she came from—all in the most dangerous country in the world, she doesn’t have a choice.

Will Dani and Trevor survive a return to Venezuela?

Or will explosive secrets and their growing fiery passions combust and destroy everything they both hold dear?

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