Immortal Hunter

Series: Forever Wicked #2

His entire life, he was trained to do one thing.

Kill vampires.

Until he had to make an impossible choice and run from the very people he used to call family.

In St. John's, he found a place he could settle down. A place the Hunters would never find him.

But his haven turns out to be anything but safe when a beautiful shield maiden walks into the pub where he's slinging drinks.

Now, evil threatens the entire world and the local coven likes to interfere—with everyone and everything.

And it's really too bad that shield maiden is a vampire.

Or…is it?

Are you willing to taste immortality?

Come with us and let our vampires glamour you into a world full of dangerous magic, toe-curling heat, and a love to last forever.

The Vampire Mates series by the Midnight Coven contains thirteen tales penned by your favorite best-selling paranormal romance authors.

Each novella can be read as a complete standalone, but of course, we hope you’ll bite into them all.

With our Vampire Mates at your side, immortality is sexy AF.

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