Protecting His Target

Series: Away From Keyboard #9

Ronan left the Irish Defense Forces and drifted, a man without a purpose, for six years. 

Until a chance trip to Boston and a meet up with an old friend led him to Second Sight.

Helping people feels right, but the security and protection firm is a family. One Ronan doesn't deserve.

He figures that's why he's always been relegated to backup.

But now his boss sends him after a killer. Alone.

A job gone wrong leaves Zephyr with no safe haven. But after almost a decade on the run, the dark web lures her to Boston with the promise of wiping the slate clean.

Caught in yet another trap, she has only one chance. Convince the Irish hunk holding her at gunpoint she's really not who he thinks she is.

And try not to wonder what it'd be like to kiss him.

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