Rogue Operator



Do the job. Free the high-value target from a compound in Afghanistan and get out. Simple, right? Until I saw her. She begged me for help, and I didn’t think. Grabbed her and her kid and ran. FUBAR didn’t even come close to covering what happened next.

I survived, but Lisette and her son disappeared and I didn’t chase after them. Rather than live with my mistake—or try to fix it—I went back into the field. I gave my days to the job, but my nights…they were always consumed by her.


I lived a nightmare for five years. Cut off from my family, constantly afraid, and unable to escape. My only joy came from my son. His father would have turned him into a killer. But then a man stole into our compound in the middle of the night to save another and became our salvation.

He disappeared before we had a chance at something…more. But when a new threat comes for my son, there’s only one man I know can keep us safe. I have to find him. Or I’ll lose…everything.

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