Twisted Captive

Series: Forever Wicked #4

Imprisoned by magic. Tortured. All hope gone.

As one of the outcasts, Aurelia has no power. No freedom. No chance for a better life.

Except for Roarke. The dragon shifter has spent a century unable to escape the Fae realm. Hiding. Denying everything he is.

Until the Fae King and his trickster son trap the woman he hoped would one day be his mate.

Locked away in the Fae's stone tower, Aurelia tries to resist the Prince's magic, but every day, she weakens.

Will her dragon shifter come to her aid? Or will she succumb to the Fae's dark temptation and lose herself forever?

Twisted Captive is the first book in the Midnight Coven's Twisted Ever Alpha world of novellas.

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