Call Sign: Redemption eBook


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re·demp·tion: the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil

Five years ago, I did what the CIA ordered me to do: Fire a shot that changed four lives, including my own. I had to do it. Kill my best friend turned traitor. But I broke his sister Dani’s heart—for a second time.

Now she needs me to take her to Venezuela, the place that almost ended me. Returning there could finish the job, but I’m the only one she trusts to get her in and out alive. Besides, I’ve never been able to refuse her anything.

When I discover that my birth father is being held in The Crypt, a hell hole for Venezuelan political prisoners, I smell more than just a Pulitzer-worthy news story. It’s personal. My editor refuses to let me go without a bodyguard. And if my only option is Trevor, the man I never wanted to lay eyes on again? So be it.

I should have expected our fiery passion would flare up, hotter than ever. I just never expected to uncover the kind of secrets that could destroy everything we both hold dear.

*Each book in this high-action and emotional romantic suspense series can be read as a standalone.


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