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I’m no hero. Don’t much care that the Navy disagrees with me. My years as a SEAL left me with a ledger full of blood, a permanent limp, and a complete inability to function in polite society. Up in the mountains, no one bothers me. Hell, no one even knows I exist. It’s better that way.

So why did I bring the beaten and bloodied woman back to my cabin?

Because when I found her trapped in an SUV hanging upside down at the edge of the cliff, she whispered three words I couldn’t ignore.

“He’ll kill me.”

No, he won’t, darlin’. Because anyone coming for you? They’ll have to go through me. No one messes with a SEAL and survives.


One night, one mistake, and I’m trapped. My boyfriend-turned-captor will never let me go. Unless I take matters into my own hands and escape. But even then, he finds me, and now the car I stole is hanging upside down, balanced on a tree, on the side of the mountain. In a snowstorm.

When a stranger comes to my rescue, I don’t want to trust him, but I don’t have a choice. Will this bearded mountain man be my salvation? Or will the man who wants me dead kill Wyatt too?

Defending His Hope was previously published as Hope Mountain Hero. This story has been greatly expanded (from 80 pages to well over 200 pages) and now features many of the Away From Keyboard characters you know and love. Like all of the Away From Keyboard books, it can be read as a complete standalone.


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