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val·orgreat bravery in the face of danger, especially in battle

I was trained to protect the innocent, free the oppressed. Then I lost everything. My team. My honor. Even my name. Six years of brainwashing and torture made me forget all of it.

But my team—my brothers—came back for me. Helped me remember who I was. Now I’m trying to rebuild something resembling a life from pieces too broken to fit back together. Until one night, a woman rescues me from a nightmare. A woman who gives me a shot at reclaiming who I was.

All it took was one overheard conversation to turn me from a nobody JSOC chef with a broken brain into a fugitive. If anyone recognizes me—or if Seattle’s black market for my meds dries up—I’m dead.

Then I find him. Deep-blue eyes. Gruff, but sweet. So haunted by his past, he can’t sleep unless he’s out in the open. Together, maybe we can fill the holes in each other’s souls. If my secrets don’t catch up with me—and tear everything apart.

WARNING: This book contains scenes of torture and implied sexual violence that may be disturbing to sensitive readers.


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