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Grab the entire Gone Rogue Series of eBooks (that’s FIVE books), for only $19.99! Save $5!

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What’s included:

eBooks for Rogue Protector, Rogue Officer, Rogue Survivor, Rogue Defender, and Rogue Operator!

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Grab the entire Gone Rogue Series of eBooks (that’s FIVE books), for only $19.99! Save $5!

Do you love series bundles? Do you love saving more than 25% on your eBooks? Then pick up the entire Gone Rogue series at once, right here.

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What’s included:

Rogue Protector


Going AWOL was a stupid decision, especially since I was—was—at the pinnacle of my United States Air Force career. You know what? I’d do it again. My family needed me, and thanks to the skills I spent two decades honing, my sister and best friend are alive.

But my career? Over.

Hiking Mexico’s Maya Trail sounds like a good way to find out who Austin Pritchard, civilian, really is. Or get lost in the jungle. That’s where I find her. A beautiful botanist who’s everything I’m not. Optimistic, full of life, and on a mission to save the world. I’m drawn to her sweetness like a bee to the flowers she studies.

When her game-changing research puts her life in danger, I’m her only hope, the only one with the skills to save her. And I will. I have to. Because I need her like I need my next breath.

Rogue Officer

I was CIA elite. Until a terrorist attack stole my arm and most of my hearing. I don’t know what my old boss, Austin Pritchard, is thinking, hiring a broken relic like me. But he trusts me, and that kind of loyalty is a balm to my shattered self-worth.

Sloane is more beautiful than pictures can show, and bruised in ways that can’t easily be seen. No one has told her I’m her bodyguard, but someone better clue her in soon, because she’s spooked. And the longer I watch her, the more I need to protect her.

None of my unspeakable past bleeds through the images plastered across magazines, cosmetics aisles, and the internet. But now, even as I land the biggest job of my career, that past crawls out of the muck.

When you hide everything about who you are, it’s tough to trust anyone. Until six feet of gorgeousness puts his hard-muscled body between me and a nightmare. A nightmare that’s killed once. And if I don’t find it in my damaged heart to trust Griff, I’m next.

Rogue Survivor

After a beating that almost killed me, I’m one failed fitness test away from losing my FBI career. I should be focused on grinding out the reps to rebuild my broken body. Not on the pretty brunette at the gym.

Sparkling brown eyes, a laugh like birdsong, and curves for days. I never thought a beauty like her would notice a busted-up guy like me. But she does. And for the first time in months, she makes me relax. Smile. Want.

I nicknamed him Hercules. The tall drink of water who does epic workouts while I slog it out on the treadmill. No way he’d notice an overworked mom of a seventeen-year-old. But he does.

We’re barely past coffee dates and kisses when my daughter digs too deep for a school newspaper article. Suddenly that bubble of protection I’ve built is shattered—but the circle of Connor’s muscular arms is big enough for us both.

But will he be strong enough when danger tries to silence us all—permanently?

Rogue Defender


I spent half of my CIA career at the bottom of the bottle, and still managed to do my job. But seeing one of my only friends tortured within an inch of his life is a great motivator to get clean—and retire somewhere no one actively wants to kill me.

I’m almost happy in Panama. Until someone breaks in to my neighbor’s apartment and I come to her rescue.

Suddenly, my solitary existence isn’t enough. I want more. But before I can decide if a broken loner like me is worthy of love, danger we never expected threatens everything.


I worked my way into the upper ranks of the Panamanian government. One of the few women to ever be invited to the inner circle. But when secrets turn into lies and lies turn deadly, my only hope is a man who hates himself as much as he hates the people putting me in danger.

I can’t trust him. Not with his past—and mine. But Leo is my only hope, And maybe…he holds the key to my heart as well.

Rogue Operator


Do the job. Free the high-value target from a compound in Afghanistan and get out. Simple, right? Until I saw her. She begged me for help. I didn’t think. Grabbed her and her kid and ran. FUBAR didn’t even come close to covering what happened next.

And then…I disappeared. It doesn’t matter that I had no choice. That the President of the United States ordered me to “do the job.” I still abandoned them. When she’s in trouble, I can’t stay away. But how can I convince her my darkness will destroy her?


I lived a nightmare for ten years. Cut off from my family, constantly afraid, and unable to escape. My only joy came from my son. His father wanted to turn him into a killer. But then a man stole into our compound in the middle of the night to free another and became our salvation.

He disappeared before we had a chance at something…more. But when a new threat comes for my son, he returns, and suddenly, I realize the truth. I’ve loved him for three years. But will we survive long enough to find our happy ever after? Or will the country that nearly killed me finally finish the job?




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