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The moment I woke up from brain surgery, I knew I was screwed. Too off balance, too slow, too broken to ever again claim “situation normal.” Now I spend my free time—I’ve got a lot of it—coding apps and avoiding the world.
Until my friends set me up.
Everything about Inara is so gorgeous I forget my own name, much less how to form coherent sentences. I’m not looking for love, but maybe it’s time to live a little dangerously.


I’m the best damned sniper in the country. But after a mission gone wrong, I have to find a way to pack my scattered emotions into a stronger box before they destroy me.
My friends think they’re doing me a favor by playing matchmaker. I can’t deny there’s a spark with Royce that quickly flares into an inferno. But when my past catches up with me, it’s a stark reminder I shouldn’t trust my heart to anyone. Because if I lose everything, I won’t be the only one going down.

In Her Sights
 is the second book in the Away From Keyboard series. Each book is a standalone, but past characters do show up from time to time.


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