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I started Boston’s top security firm, but only a fool would entrust their safety to a blind man. Even if I am—was—Special Forces. But that’s exactly what happens when my business partner’s emergency rescue mission leaves us shorthanded.

Now, software genius Evianna Archer’s life depends on my hair-trigger instincts. To my damaged eyes, she’s all freesia-scented curves, and her touch reminds me of everything a man like me—damaged inside and out—doesn’t deserve.

Firing a key employee so close to the launch of my new home security program was risky. But who knew the guy would turn psycho? The last thing I need is a bodyguard underfoot, especially one as distracting as Dax. Towering, broody, and scarred inside and out, he’s determined to keep me safe. And at a distance.

With my life in chaos, Dax is everything I shouldn’t want. Shouldn’t need. But as the danger mounts, he proves he’s someone I can trust with my body, heart, and soul. The trick will be surviving long enough to reprogram his broken self-image—and prove to him he’s worthy of love.


Second Sight is a slow burn military romantic thriller. All books in the Away From Keyboard Series are standalone romances featuring a different couple, but past couples and characters play active roles in future books.


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