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I don’t do impulsive. Impulsive killed the love of my life. Stole my one shot at happiness. So when I heard about a K&R firm in Seattle lookin’ for new recruits, I took a chance.

They say they’re a family, but I’m still an outsider. Maybe that’s by choice.

This orderly, controlled life ain’t the one I wanted, but I’m making the best of it. Until I meet a man who sets me on fire. We burn hot, but he’s got secrets. Then again, so do I. I’m startin’ to think nothin’ can douse these flames. Except a killer hell-bent on revenge.

I don’t make plans. Or friends. Or stay in one place for more than six months.

But when I rescue a drop-dead gorgeous Texan spitfire in the middle of a storm, I start to realize just how lonely I’ve been. I shouldn’t start anything with Raelynn, but my heart has other plans.

Now my past is catching up with me. I’m on the wrong side of a whole lot of crap, and the only way out? Letting Raelynn in.

I’m putting her in danger. So why can’t I walk away?


Trusting His Instincts is the 11th book in the Away From Keyboard series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but past characters always show up in later books.


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