Can love's spell set her free?
Trapped. Held prisoner by an ancient prophecy, the witch prays for death, for some escape from her life of endless torture.
Until one touch from her true mate, the warlock she's fated to love for all eternity, gives her hope that freedom is within her grasp.
Can she learn to wield her magic in time? She must, or forever lose her mate, her newly discovered freedom, and her life.
Escape into a world where magic is real, evil lurks around every turn, and love's spell may be all that saves you.
Start the adventure. Get it now.

Ami's greatest fear.
Will she always be alone?
A quiet witch enters her life, and their unexpected connection helps Ami heal.
But her witch has secrets—dark and dangerous—hidden behind a veil of magic. Betrayal cuts deep, and Ami's suffered enough pain for a lifetime.
Ami knows there's more to this woman than meets the eye. She's right. Will she run from the one witch who can heal her scars? Or can magic—and love—save them?
You'll adore this magical lesbian romance because love is love.
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They came after her family.
Big mistake.
Magic and her mate's love freed her. Now, she must fight for all she holds dear.
A storm is coming.
Devils walk the streets, friends turn into foes, and the Clan Kendrick will stop at nothing to twist Ealasaid's dreams into nightmares.
Is she strong enough to destroy them? Or will she lose the man she loves, her freedom, and the very world she's only just discovered?
You won't believe where this adventure leads.
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Can love's spell banish the darkest evil?
Raven suffers alone. Chained. Tortured. Trapped in an endless nightmare.
His mate can save him. Save the world. If she can find him in time. If she's strong enough. If…she still lives.
Or...is there another?
When all hope fades, a devil spelled behind a mask meets a human unmade by an ancient artifact.
Will their new bond—and the power of their love—be enough to save the world?
Don't miss the conclusion of this epic adventure.

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