The world’s most renowned art thief doesn’t get attached. To anything. Everyone else is merely a pawn in the Grandmaster’s game.

Until he sets his sights on the Lewis Chessmen.

Gemma Watson will be his latest—and his last—conquest. With her unwitting help, Daniel will infiltrate the British Museum and walk out with the Chessmen.

Until Daniel discovers that Gemma is much more than his pawn. The Grandmaster is about to lose everything—willingly—to find his queen.

If his greatest nemesis doesn’t destroy them both.

The Grandmaster’s Pawn was previously published in the anthology With Love From London. This new, expanded version contains several additional scenes totaling approximately 5,000 words.

Fifteen years after the French Quarter Queen retired from the amateur chess circuit, someone’s still holding a grudge.

When Serafine Lisette returns to New Orleans for a week’s vacation, she doesn’t expect to be attacked a block from Bourbon Street. She definitely doesn’t expect her rescuer to be the boy she beat in her final match all those years ago. The one who never returned her letters. The one who broke her heart.

Except Emile Fontaine isn’t an awkward teenage boy anymore. Not by a long shot. He’s a fighter, competing in underground cage matches so he can help battered women escape their abusers.

Men like his father.

Feelings from years past threaten to explode, but when their vacation fling turns into more, Emile has to make a choice.

Fight the past so he and Serafine can have a future?

Or become a pawn in a deadly game no one can win?

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