A Shift in the Water

Two tortured souls. One chance at survival
A mysterious illness. No hope for a cure. As death snares her in its icy grip, Mara's drawn to the water. One last swim. One last chance to feel free.
Until fate intervenes, leading an injured, dying wolf to her care.
She doesn't know he's a man. A werewolf. Or that a fire elemental locked him in a cage and slowly, painfully, tortured him to the brink of death.
Caring for the wolf gives her purpose. Even if it has to be short lived.
Until one night when everything changes. 
Secrets will be revealed. Destinies changed forever. And Mara? She's the pawn in a deadly game. 
One that just might change the course of the world.  

A Shift in the Air

He lost her once. When she walks back into his life, there's nothing he won't do to keep her. 
Liam O'Sullivan has mourned his mate for eleven years. Until Caitlin shows up at his construction site with no memory of their life together. 

Caitlin doesn't know why she's drawn to the big, red-haired werewolf. She can't even remember her name, let alone his. But something about Liam pulls her in. Makes her yearn for a future she knows she'll never have. 
She's bound by a force she can't control. Dark magic hunts her, desperate for power only the four elements can provide. 
And Liam? He'll protect her to the bloody end. If she lets him. 

Farren should have died. Instead, she lost everything. 
As the only female to ever lead, Farren feels the pressure every day. To be more.

A demented group of witches is after the only family she has left, and she'll do anything to keep them safe.
She shouldn't trust anyone. Especially not a mysterious—and sexy—stranger who shows up at her P.I. office looking for the silver wolf.
Eli's full of secrets he doesn't know he keeps, and Farren's going to figure them out. Because he's more than just a case. He's her mate.
If Farren can't protect him, her life is over. But can a broken woman find her strength before it's too late? Or will she lose Eli forever.
**This book ends on a cliffhanger.

His pack is falling apart. Much like his life.
Peter hasn't been the same since the fire. A scarred, broken wolf who can't run, can't fight, and can't manage even the simplest conversation without coming across like an asshole.

Until he finds her.
She can't speak. Can't see. Can't tell him where she came from. Branded with a sigil by the most vile group of practitioners ever to walk the earth, she could be a danger to everyone.
Or his pack's only hope for salvation.

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