Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do.“
For more than twenty years, I lived by my Air Force code.
Until I made a choice. Put my family first. Something a soldier is never allowed to do.
Now I don’t know who I am. Or where I belong.
Getting lost in Mexico sounds like a good idea, but with only guilt and regret as my constant companions, I’ll never figure it all out.
Until a chance meeting in a hotel bar changes my course.
Dr. Mikayla Salim is everything I’m not. Full of life and on a mission of her own. To change the world through her research.
In a few short days, she’s done the impossible. Given me hope.
But now she’s in danger. And I’m the only man with the skills to save her. To protect her.
And I will.

Griffin Hargrove was one of the CIA's most elite officers.
Until a terrorist attack stole half of his arm and left him in a world of near-total silence.
Now, he doesn't know if he'll ever work again. And without his job, who is he?
Finding love should be the last thing on his mind.
Until he sees her. Until her heart speaks to him in ways he doesn't need to hear to believe.
He'll go rogue to save her. And maybe...reclaim a piece of himself he thought lost forever.


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