"I want you to dream of what it will be like when I have you naked, bound, and begging.” 
Elizabeth Bennett escaped an abusive relationship and carved out a satisfying—if not simple—life in Boston. Until she's framed for tax fraud.
On the worst day of her life, she runs right into a man with the power to save her or destroy her.
Alexander Fairhaven has more money than he can spend in a dozen lifetimes. But he's never found a woman to hold his interest for more than a single date. Until Elizabeth literally falls at his feet in the middle of a downpour.
He aches to show her the joys of submission. If only Elizabeth would give him the time of day.
Danger comes calling, and all the money in the world won't save them if Elizabeth can't learn to trust this handsome, Dominant who makes her ache in all the right ways.

All he wants for Christmas…
Recuperating from a near-fatal gunshot wound with Elizabeth at his side, Alexander yearns for a quiet family Christmas.
His brother Nick, however, is barreling towards rock bottom, his gambling addiction threatening all Alexander holds dear. Including Elizabeth.
They say blood is thicker than water. But can family ties survive the Italian Mob? Or will Nick's demons bring an end to Alexander and Elizabeth's happiness? And Nick's life?
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How do you tell someone you're too damaged to love?
When Elora slips on the sidewalk outside her favorite local coffee shop, the handsome Greek bodyguard who comes to her rescue makes her insides tremble and her knees go weak.
But when Milos recognizes her as Greece's fragile princess—ostracized, ridiculed, and shunned—Elora's first instinct is to run away. Lucky for her, Milos follows.
He's not about to let her epilepsy or her shame at her past keep him from falling in love.
Milos's big Greek family only reminds Elora of what she's lost. Can she overcome past pain and open her heart to Milos on New Year's? Or will her fear quell the passion burning between them?
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Control is an art form.
Nick Fairhaven had it all. Until grief—and his gambling addiction—destroyed him.
He lost his company, his reputation, even his brother's trust.
With his eighteen-month chip in hand, he lets a friend drag him out to a BDSM club on the one night he'd much rather wallow in his misery at home. The only bright light in his evening?
The club's beautiful bartender, Sofia.
Nick shouldn't pursue her, but Sofia has the power to mend his shattered soul.
When Nick interrupts a would-be-kidnapping, he should have been hailed as a hero. Instead, he ends up with a target on his back. One that could claim his Sofia as well.
Discredited, disowned, and with only the Italian Mob in his corner, Nick will risk everything for the woman he loves. Because if he doesn't get to her in time, more than one life will be lost.
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In His Collar is the fourth book in the Restrained series. While characters from previous books do make an appearance, this book can be read as a standalone.

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