Rogue Defender

Series: Gone Rogue #4


I spent half of my CIA career at the bottom of the bottle, and still managed to do my job. It’s no wonder they kicked me out on my ass. Venezuela. Colombia. Peru. I’m not welcome in any of them. Panama might as well be next.

Clean and sober for a year now—seeing one of your only friends tortured within an inch of his life will do that to a man—I’d make amends. If anyone I knew was still talking to me.


I worked my way into the upper ranks of the Panamanian government. One of the few women to ever be invited to the inner circle. But when secrets turn into lies and lies turn deadly, my only hope is a man who hates himself as much as he hates the men putting me in danger.

Rogue Defender is the fourth book in the Gone Rogue series. It can be read as a standalone, but does feature characters from previous Gone Rogue and Away From Keyboard series books.

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