The Grandmaster’s Pawn

I’m calling this story the little “anti-hero who could.”

Most of my heroes are really good guys. Sure, they might be vampires or so scarred and traumatized that they’re not able to open up and appear gruff and unapproachable, but they don’t generally lie, cheat, or steal…anything.

But last year, I participated in a couple of anthologies, and I decided to stretch my writing muscles a little bit with a darker hero.

Now, I don’t mean DARK. He’s not abusive, this is NOT a captive romance, and deep down, he’s a good guy. But, he’s also an art thief, and when Daniel meets Gemma, the pretty, shy museum curator for the British Museum, he’s intending to use her as a pawn in his game to steal the Lewis Chessmen.

But, along the way, Daniel falls for Gemma (because this IS romance after all) and suddenly, she’s more than just a pawn. She just might be his queen.

Today is release day for The Grandmaster’s Pawn, and I hope you’ll check it out. It’s only $0.99, and available on Kindle Unlimited.

This story was previously released as part of the With Love From London anthology, but this new version has about 5,000 additional words, a fresh title, and a smoking hot cover.

Want an exclusive excerpt? Of course you do! Or, I hope you do.


Once I unlock my flat door, I dial Tatiana. My oldest friend, a former member of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, knows everyone—and everything. Half a dozen phone calls and she could tell you if your shoe was untied. 

The call connects seconds later. “Are you alone?” I ask. 

“If I were not, we would not be speaking.” An edge of stress roughens her voice, and the hair on the back of my neck prickles. She is always in control, always calm, always collected and capable. “You have not been careful, Daniel.” 

The accusation angers me, and I clench my free hand hard enough to crack the knuckles. “We’ve worked together for ten years. I am always careful.” 

“Then tell me, please, why I am looking at your face on a traffic camera a block from the British Museum. Facial recognition was a ninety percent match.”

Staring out the window at the twinkling lights of London, I sigh. “Fuck me.” 

“I am not interested in you that way, Daniel. But if you do not watch yourself, someone else will certainly seize the opportunity.”

Want more? Go pick up The Grandmaster’s Pawn now on Amazon!

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