Decisions, decisions…

So, if you’re reading THIS line, hopefully you know the main character in Fighting For Valor. It’s Ripper. Until the last chapter of By Lethal Force, everyone thought he was dead. Me…I’ve known for a while. But the rest of the world, including Ryker, Dax, and heck, even Ripper himself, were in the dark.

Now, here’s the problem. In Romance, the expectation is that the hero and heroine will meet before…say…page 100. Ripper’s story requires a lot of background. I’ve written it all. How he disappeared from Hell. Where he went next. How he became Isaad.

I could include all of those chapters in Fighting For Valor. But, after all that information, which, by the way, also has point-of-view scenes from Ryker and Dax, I still need to get Ripper out of where he is now. Which is another 4-5 chapters. Then, and only then, can he meet the heroine and can their story begin.

I have a couple of options. But these options are kind of at odds with one another. One option is likely to be better for my sales. Another option is likely better for the fans who’ve been with me and these characters for the entire series. And yet a third option sounds like the best of both worlds, but might end up being too complicated.

I could include all of this information and have a very long book. Probably close to 425 pages or more. Or I could put all of that backstory into a separate book file. I’d put it up on BookFunnel FOR FREE and put a link to all those bonus scenes at the beginning of Fighting For Valor. That way, all readers would know that they could go get that backstory file and read it FIRST. Lastly, I could just make all of those backstory scenes for folks who make it to my website, reader group, or on my newsletter only.

So…help me decide? Vote for your preference.

9 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…”

  1. I love long books. I love your books and often wish for more because I am enjoying the characters and story so much. Go with what is best for you, but I would love the backstory.

  2. Somehow whenever a short story or attachment to a book gets emailed I am never able to figure out how to get it…I would just rather have a longer book

  3. So I voted for putting the link on your website but honestly I really like option 1 best. I absolutely ADORE long books and 425+ pages sounds like heaven to me .. but not everybody. I also like the thought of making folks join your website/mailing list so more people will discover what the rest of us already know .. we LOVE your writing. Just know that whatever you do I will read ALL of this book no matter how you arrange it.

  4. In reading about your being vexed about bucking traditional romance novel convention, I say go with making us wait a little. I don’t mind a slightly thicker read as long as the emotional payoff is good.
    I’m studying English and Creative Writing and I’m sure my opinion would drive my professors up the wall, but I told them that I plan to buck traditions when needed to keep the readers engaged and give the best story I can.
    Also, if you have any advice for a wannabe romance writer, I am open to it.

    Kate Stavick

  5. Hi! So, my two cents, as a Mathematician who can barely write a paragraph LOL
    If you publish the entire 425 pages, begin with a link in the book that would allow the reader to skip the back story and head directly to the romance.

    That allows: anyone who wants to know it to read it AND anyone who decides to go back in the end the chance to read it.

    Plus, since I’m assuming you’re publishing on Kindle Unlimited, if someone reads the backstory, at least you’ll get paid for it.

  6. I’m torn between 1 & 2 but I think 2 is the better option 60/40 giving the readers a choice to read the backstory or just jump right in and if they want more, they have the option. It may lose some readers if it takes to long with the backstory with the first choice.

  7. Is there a way to publish it as a promotional novella on Amazon for free/99 ku? That way you still get some compensation, and it could potentially bring more traffic to you. Might even be easier access. Idk. Or book funnel and do a box set with it as q novella and deleted scenes from other books once complete.

  8. Loved By Lethal Force (and each book since the start of the series) and Isaad was an intriguing character, who is so deserving of his own story!
    I would not mind reading 100 pages before meeting his ‘lady’, but for readers new to the series that might indeed be too much. Although they should start the series with the first book to enjoy them most
    Giving away a book for free is a lovely gesture from an author, but maybe not best for business?! Alternative is a ‘novella’, say book 5.5 in the AFK series, with Ripper’s story?
    Whatever you decide, I’m really looking forward to reading it!

  9. Thank you for all your research and how you write. My husband was active duty and also suffered a massive stroke while under the knife. We’ve been married almost 30 years, with the last 15 post stroke. I enjoyed reading about a Hero, besides mine, that suffered a similar fate!

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