Uncertainty and writing

The last few weeks of 2019, I started thinking about what I wanted 2020 to look like for me. I had all of these ideas. So. Many. Ideas.

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I wanted to have fun with my writing. I didn’t want to kill myself with deadlines like I did in 2019. I wanted to finish up the Elemental Shifter series, publish several AFK books, and maybe experiment with some new genres.

And then…everything fell apart. I’ve seen so many good memes and Twitter threads and the like over the past few weeks, but the gist of all of them is this.

These are strange times. Even if you’re safe, even if your job hasn’t been affected, even if you don’t know anyone who’s sick or at risk or just f’ing terrified, you’re still dealing with this totally unknown situation. You’re still under stress. You might not realize it, but you are.

I can definitely see this in my own writing. In January? I kicked some serious word count ass. I wrote almost 80,000 words that month. By March? I barely managed 50,000 words, and that nearly killed me. In April? I hit 65,000. Not bad. But it was SUCH a struggle. So far in May? I’m at 15k. That’s…abysmal (compared to January and February).

There have been days I can’t write at all. That’s almost unheard of for me.

So, I’m adjusting my expectations. At the same time, I also want to keep y’all informed. Here’s my current publishing schedule for the next few months along with a few warnings of things that might have to slip a month or so.

June 9 – Storm of Sin. This…I fear I’m going to have to delay this until July. But I’m going to try not to. Stay tuned for information on that.

June 23 – A Shift in the Water (I’ve re-edited this book and added a few scenes. It’s also going to get a brand new cover).

August 11 – Rogue Protector. This is Austin Pritchard’s book, and a spinoff series to the Away From Keyboard series. Same beautifully broken characters, but with more of an intelligence agency/spy/black ops focus. My goal is to alternate the Gone Rogue series releases with the Away From Keyboard releases.

Sometime before August 30 – A Shift in the Air (This is another fresh edit with a few additional scenes and a brand new cover).

And then…well…

I know I want to publish both A Shift in the Earth and A Shift in Fire this year. I also want to publish Graham’s story in the AFK series. I don’t even have a title for that one yet. But, with all of the uncertainty in the world, I also have to be reasonable and patient with myself. But I can promise to keep you updated!

Love, Patricia

4 thoughts on “Uncertainty and writing”

  1. It is a strange time for the world. I fear this may our new norm of having to wear masks and gloves when we leave our houses. I never imagined that fiction is now reality.

    You are an amazing writer. Everything I have read to date has been stupendous. You are a one click author for me. I don’t even read the teaser or blurb because I know no matter the genre you tackle it with fluidity and heart.

  2. Patricia,

    I can’t speak from your perspective as an author, only as a reader. I’ve been an avid reader for 45 years. Before COVID I was reading 40+ books a week. Now, some days I don’t read at all. Proceed at your own pace and know I will be here to read what you publish whenever it is. We all have to support each other.

  3. Take your time, your readers will be waiting for those books when they are ready. You have to be comfortable writing them as it will affect the end result! Meanwhile, stay healthy and know we totally dig your books!

    All the best
    Fiona aka AnnaLovesReadingBooks, a huge AFK fan xxx

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